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Firm Newsletters: Estate Planning Insights

1/31/2024: A New Year and Some New Considerations

10/31/2023: It's Halloween! The Perfect Time to Look at Some "Scary Things"!

8/10/2023: Another Notice Providing Relief From Certain RMD Rules in 2023

5/15/2023: Some Provisions in SECURE 2.0, Including a Trap for Surviving Spouses

10/31/2022: Issues Relating to the SECURE Act in view of the Proposed Regulations - Part 3 - Notice 2022-53

7/15/2022: Issues Relating to the SECURE Act - Part 2 A Focus on Leaving Retirement Plans to Children and Other Descendants

4/14/2022: Issues Relating to the SECURE Act in View of the Proposed Regulations - Part 1

1/31/2022: Ethical Wills Revisited

1/1/2022: It's Halloween! The Perfect Time to Look at Some



1/31/2021: Democratic Control of Congress and the Presidency: What Will Happen Now and What Should You Do?

9/15/2020: Making Gifts to Minors

1/15/2020: THE SECURE ACT: Insecurity for Estate Planning Lawyers And their Clients

11/15/2019: Do you know the way to San Jose?

8/31/2019: Community Property Murdered By Federal Agents! Special Edition Number 2

5/31/2019: Community Property Murdered By Federal Agents! Special Edition Number 1

1/31/2019: A Brief Transfer Tax Update & A Recurring Estate Planning Problem

10/31/2018: Descendant's Trusts For Children and Grandchildren

7/31/2018: What's in your Binder?

4/30/2018: TOD: Transfer on Death or Trample One's Disposition?

1/31/2018: Changes, Plus Uncertainty

10/31/2017: Let's Discuss Trusts-Part Three

7/31/2017: Let's Discuss Trusts-Part Two

4/30/2017: Let's Discuss Trusts-Part One

1/31/2017: 2017 Transfer Tax Numbers & Other Matters

10/31/2016: Basics of Basis

9/15/2016: Special Alert!

7/31/2016: Why Pre-Nups Are Smart

4/30/2016: Bypass Trust Versus Portability - Part 2

1/31/2016: Bypass Trust Versus Portability - Part 1

10/31/2015: Company Law - Part Two

7/31/2015: Company Law - Part One

4/30/2015: Being Mortal: Excerpts from the Book

1/31/2015: Some Mistakes Some People Make and Other Matters

10/31/2014: ABOUT TO EXPIRE: Special Extension of Time to File Form 706 to Elect Portability

7/31/2014: How Assets Pass at Death Makes a Difference

4/30/2014: Taxable Gifts: Commonly Misunderstood

7/31/2013: Help Your Executor (Or Living Trust Trustee) Before You Die

4/30/2013: There Are More Options On The Menu Now: What Will You Have?

1/31/2013: The American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012

11/15/2012: 2012 Gifting Considerations

10/31/2012: Trust Considerations

7/31/2012: Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

4/30/2012: The Unified Estate and Gift Tax System

1/31/2012: Account Titling 101

10/31/2011: Changes to Texas Law Affecting Estate Planning and Probate

7/31/2011: What Is An Estate?

4/30/2011: The New Tax Law And What It Means - Part Two

1/31/2011: The New Tax Law and What It Means - Part One


7/31/2010: Why Every Irrevocable Trust Should Be "Defective" - Part 2

4/30/2010: Why Every Irrevocable Trust Should Be "Defective" - Part 1

1/31/2010: There is no Estate Tax!

10/31/2009: Should You Convert Your Traditional IRA to a Roth IRA?

7/31/2009: Should Your Bank Teller Be Your Estate Planner?

4/30/2009: A Different Approach

1/31/2009: Is It Time To Review Your Estate Plan?

10/31/2008: How Much Should You Give Away and How Should You Give It?

7/31/2008: Recurring Misunderstandings

4/30/2008: A "Structural Error" That Can Cause An Estate Plan To Collapse

1/31/2008: What's in a Name?

10/31/2007: Problem Solving: A Second Marriage Situation

7/31/2007: Avoiding Probate Court Litigation

4/30/2007: A Trustee's Duties-Part Two

10/31/2006: A Trustee's Duties-Part One

7/31/2006: My Comments on "It's the Law"

4/30/2006: Beneficiary Designation Issues

1/31/2006: Tax Number Updates

10/31/2005: A Reminder Why Estate Planning Is Important

7/31/2005: Multi-Party Accounts: Truth and Consequences

4/30/2005: Revisiting Living Trusts

1/31/2005: Handling An Estate: The Final Phase

10/31/2004: Middle Matters: It's Not Probate (And It's Not Fun)

7/31/2004: The Who, What, When, Where and WHY of Probate

5/1/2004: An Estate Planning Toolbox (Updated)

Newsletters: Estate Planning Today
(From prior law firm - Davis, Ridout, Jones & Gerstner, L.L.P.)

10/31/2003: Harder Than Tax Planning - Estate Planning for Blended Families

6/30/2003: Private Annuities

1/31/2003: Frequently Confused Matters

11/30/2001: What Every Executor Needs to Know

8/15/2001: Leaving a Legacy Beyond Wealth

6/7/2001: The Estate Tax "Repeal" Illusion

5/31/2001: Multi-Generational Estate Planning

1/31/2001: New Distribution Rules for Retirement Plans and IRAs

12/29/2000: IRAs, Retirement Plans and Life Insurance

11/30/2000: Year-End Gift and Estate Planning

7/31/2000: Estate Planning for Retirement Plans

4/30/2000: An Estate Planning Toolbox

1/31/2000: Estate Planning in the New Millennium

Speeches and Outlines

Basics of Planned Giving (February 12, 2008)

Basic Texas Estate Planning and Probate Matters (2014)

Estate Planning: Qualified Retirement Plans & IRAs (2015)

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